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    June 17, 2019 · car wash app,washe app clone
    According to a research conducted by the International Carwash Association in 2017, profits in carwash can average from around $41000 a year to $680000 based on the service, i.e., self or full service. Sounds hard to believe, yet it is true. Given below are the reasons why having your own car...
    June 15, 2019 · Uber clone app,uber clone script
    Uber app clone for kids has been specially designed to help the entrepreneurs battle, the growing need for safe transportation services in the market today. The kid shuttle provided by the Uber app clone for kid targets safety and security, through enhancing the trust actor of parents using the...
    Roadside assistance or automotive assistance in a nutshell is assistance offered through the medium of services to drivers, motorcyclists, etc., who may have suffered a technical failure in their vehicle and have gotten stranded. Earlier, roadside assistance would take place by waiting on the...
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